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Giving children a wholesome early childhood experience

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My name is Eugene and I go to a PCS Childcare Centre.

I would love for more friends to join me in school! I think you can help achieve that!

A group of grandparents come together and upcycle jeans! They make them into beautiful water bottle holders and pouches. When they are sold, the money gets donated to our Presbyterian Preschool Education Fund. This means that more friends can learn with me in school!


Click on me to learn more about the process of how your preloved jeans are turned into denim gifts.

Recycled Paper


Hello, I am Grandma Jean! I volunteer at Handiwork and I love to stay active even after retirement. Now, I spend most of my time turning jeans into dreams!

I sew preloved jeans into pouches and bags to sell. This money is not for me, but for the many children in our community that do not have access to affordable preschool.

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First, we collect pre-loved jeans and denim from the community.

These jeans are delivered to our Handiwork workshops where we cut and sew them!

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Lastly, the crafts are sold and proceeds from the sales are given to the Presbyterian Preschool Education Fund!

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Empower the Elderly

Handiwork empowers retired elderly to stay active and give forward to society. It provides them opportunities to complete craft projects for sale. For J2D, the proceeds from their handiwork will go to the Education Fund, directly benefiting the children in our centres.

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Give Children Education Support

J2D enables children who do not have access to government subsidy or additional financial support to fully experience a wholesome early childhood experience. This is exceptionally important as some of them may not be able to go for excursions, additional workshops or needful intervention support otherwise. 

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Campaign for the Environment

The production of denim is energy and water-intensive. Dyeing it blue also releases many harmful chemicals into the environment. By collecting preloved jeans to upcycle instead of letting them be discarded, we are intentional about giving jeans a new lease of life.

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Gift A Dream


Here are ways that you can help! Thank you for making a difference.


Your Donation Will...


Give a child an Excursion Trip Out!


Provide a child with Music & Movement Home Learning Resources


Provide a child with Readers and Activity Resources


Provide a child with 1 term of Learning Support & Development Support

*Donations of $10 and above are tax-deductible.

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Made by the elderly ladies of Handiwork, these upcycled denim crafts were made by the donated jeans that were collected earlier this year.

All proceeds go towards the Presbyterian Preschool Education Fund.


Buy them on Lazada or Carousell now!

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